middleclick is an event that occurs when the middle mouse button is pressed. This facility requires a three button mouse, although emulation via a two button mouse is possible on some systems by pressing both mouse buttons simultaneously.

Problems Edit

Problems with software incorporating this feature are:

  • A mouse with three buttons is required or emulation via a two button mouse is required
  • The interface is not compatible with touchscreen based systems because touchscreens do not generally provide alternative finger recognition or middleclick facilities.
  • Users unable to use a mouse cannot access the middleclick functionality.

Affected systems Edit

  • 9wm - Requires a three button mouse in order to operate
  • sawfish - Uses middleclick to access the root menu

Programming Recommendations Edit

The use of middleclick functionality for component selection is not permitted under the touchscreen compatibility policy.

Revolution Against Mouse Requisite Interfaces Edit

The Revolution Against Mouse Requisite Interfaces is a project to make software easier to operate and automate.

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