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== _Raise on paste_

There are two schools of thought relating to the behaviour of the window manager following a middle click paste event:

=== _Raise on paste_

Traditional window manager behaviour is to *raise on paste*. With this behaviour, when a middleclick event occurs, the application should gain focus, so that additional input following a middleclick paste goes to the target application, rather than the source application.

=== _No raise on paste_

When no raise on paste behaviour is implemented, the application receiving a middleclick event does not gain focus and keyboard input following a middleclick paste operation goes to the source application, rather than the destined target. This gives a bizarre effect of text being typed after a paste operation goes to the source application, rather than the target application that has just received paste input.

=== _Configurable behaviour_

I am a great believer in configurable behaviour. There should be a configuration option enabling the user to decide which behaviour they require. This makes the application suitable for members of both schools of thought.

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